Mobile Forms™ PLUS Workflow

Many digital form providers will allow you to complete a form on a mobile device and send it in. Field2Base takes it a step further by allowing managers and approvers to review, edit and approve data before it is delivered electronically to its destination. This is done through a secure online portal called Field2Base WorkFlow.


Field2Base works with its customers to build custom work flow portals that meet each customer’s unique needs.


  • Create custom approval flows based on a combination of user attributes, form types and specific data criteria.
  • Create manager and approval groups so multiple parties can collaborate on the form data.
  • Design multi-step work flows. For example, forms may go to a manager first for approval. Once approved by the manager, it will automatically be delivered  to accounting for second approval.
  • Includes a full audit trail of who made changes, when the changes were made, and what the changes were.
  • Send rejected work back to the user’s mobile device so they can correct mistakes themselves.
  • Final approved forms are released from the WorkFlow portal to their originally intended destination.


With WorkFlow, not only can our customers see their field data in real time, but they can also collaborate and act on that data as a team to ensure the data is accurate.

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