Optimize your experience with the Admin Portal.

We provide our customers with wide range of unique management solutions though our powerful Admin Portal. Once logged in, the full potential of our entire mobile forms automation platform comes to life. From here, authorized Admin users can create custom reports, manage form data, and effortlessly dispatch PreFilled forms to the field. The Admin Portal is available to our customers and partners 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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Custom reports at your fingertips.

The Admin Portal gives you and your team the ability to easily view dashboards and create custom reports, which is vital to the long-term success of your mobile form solution. Custom reports such as Sent Traffic and Device Activity deliver compelling insights, based on your data, that you can use to ensure your field operations are running smoothly. Additionally, our reporting capabilities allow you to review auditing trails to ensure your workforce is accountable on a daily basis.

Listed below are a few examples of Reports available in the Admin Portal:

  • Traffic Dashboard - identifies which field users are completing Sent Forms and how many they are sending.
  • Form Analytics Report - create visual reports based on the data submitted in your forms.
  • Device Dashboard - details which devices in the field are currently active and sync'ing with our cloud.
  • PreFill Status Report - show the status of all work that has been dispatched to the field.

Tailor your Field2Base solution further with the following features:



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