The ROI (Return on Investment)

According to a National Study, from AIIM, a single paper form will cost your business $3.83 to process. View(download pdf).


    • Paper Form Cost Considerations
    • How Does This Affect My Bottom Line?
    • How Does Field2Base Mobile Forms ™ Help
    • Paper forms must be purchased (Carbon Copy) or printed in-house

    • You may be spending considerable funds just to provide paper forms to your employees / customers
    • Digital forms don't cost your organization anything to create or distribute to those who need them
    • Paperwork takes a long time to complete in the field
    • Employees are being paid a salary to fill out forms by hand, one line at a time, giving them less time to see more customers and generate more revenue
    • Mobile Forms application uses technology such as drop-down lists, voice-to-text recognition, and pre-filled forms to dramatically speed up the form completion
    • Paperwork does not contain any enhanced media

    • The absence of enhanced media in your paperwork makes verifying the quality and quantity of tasks being completed in the field very difficult
    • Mobile Forms application allows the user to embed photos, barcodes, GPS, and other media types directly into the form
    • Paperwork takes days or weeks to collect from the field
    • Your ability to maintain a reliable cash flow is diminished because all the information you need to process transactions is not immediately available
    • Mobile Forms application submits field data instantly back to the office for processing
    • Paperwork contains mistakes or is illegible or is missing data

    • You spend hours chasing down missing information or settling disputes with your customers because the data on the form was not correct or missing
    • Mobile Forms application allows you to enforce business logic and workflows to ensure you are getting the most accurate data
    • Paperwork must be entered a second time into back office systems
    • Your company must hire new clerical staff as your transactions increase because they are required to transfer form data into existing office systems by hand
    • Mobile Forms application includes simplified integration options that eliminate the need to manually enter form data into back office systems
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    • New $500 Tablet Amortized over 24 Months = $20.84
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