• Analytics

Detailed form analytics are critical to your business.

Today, data is what everyone is talking about. Data from your website, data from your marketing efforts or data from your customers. Data is what drives intelligent decision making. In order to make informed decisions about your organization, you must have accurate, real time analytical data.

Does your current forms software solution provide analytics?


Over 80% of online forms are never completed!

Do you have the tools to decrease that number for your organization?

Field2Base differentiates its online form solutions from other providers with innovative form analytics software. Our web-based portal allows customers to view their form data via interactive graphical representations to identify real time trends. As a result, through their custom online dashboards our customers now have a logical view into insightful data.


Custom analytics provides the data needed to make confident decisions.
Our solution provides the following standard reports to manage your user base and measure performance:
  • Summary Dashboards
  • User and Device Activity Reports
  • Sent Form Reports
  • PreFills Completed by Date
  • Download History
  • Workflow History
  • Workflow Auditing
  • Sent Form History

Filter your data within our Admin Portal to easily generate custom reports.

Another popular enhancement of our platform is our form analytics reporting feature. We created this powerful add-on to help our customers easily capture and demonstrate ROI. Our reports go way beyond basic Excel spreadsheets. For example, we can show you the locations of your field service personnel throughout the day in real time with our heat mapping feature. You can even see where and when a form was submitted using our GPS locator.


Our Analytics product can create custom reports based on user and submitted form data through interactive charts including:

  • Pivot Tables
  • Line Graphs
  • Pie/Bar Charts
  • Heat Maps