• Workflow

Create Basic Workflows for your mobile forms and reduce errors.

Our Basic Workflow feature gives you the ability to easily create one-step review processes for your forms. Authorized individuals or groups can review and edit forms coming in from the field before final submission. Based on their review, they can then approve the form or send it back to the tablet for correction.

Apply Custom Workflows to your mobile forms and eliminate manual tasks.

Our Professional Services team can work with you to create multi-step or branching workflows based on a combination of user attributes, form types or specific data criteria. Our Custom Workflows offer two options for Form review:

Our Platform offers two options for Workflow implementation:

Manual Review

Forms are assigned to an individual (or group) for review. We can define whom a form is assigned to based on the sender or certain data in the form. They can edior add information to the form before selecting the next action in the workflow. Possible workflow actions include sending emails, assigning the form to another individual (or group) for further review, triggering script logic during a workflow step, rejecting the form, or approving the form to be released from the workflow.  

Automated Review

Submitted forms are automatically acted upon by the Field2Base workflow engine based on data contained within the form. As a result, no human interaction is required to start the subsequent data routing. 

Our Workflow solution will allow your team to:
  • View workflow history to see who made specific changes, what actions were taken and when they occurred.
  • Gain a manager’s perspective and view forms at any stage in the workflow process.
  • Automatically send emails with form data or PDFs of specified pages to selected individuals at any step of the workflow.