• Utilities

Empower your field service team with accessibility to critical data in real time.

A common challenge utility professionals face each day is the nonstop maintenance of products and services for their consumers. Power lines, water lines and gas pipes need to be regularly inspected, and then repaired or replaced if there is damage. Finally, the appropriate personnel must be notified of the issue in order to report their findings to the responsible department.

Does your team have the tools to streamline your internal processes?



Mobilize your workforce and reduce errors.

For over 15 years, our mobile utility forms software has empowered utility professionals to be proactive in assessing damages before, during or after inspections or repairs. Our forms are ideally suited for nearly all utility-related tasks including, disaster recovery, gas line/utility pole inspections, electric meter change outs, and dig safe mark-outs. 


Thousands of paper forms are gathered in the field every single day!

As a result, human error, oversights and/or incorrectly submitted forms are just some of the unavoidable errors that occur. By going paperless with Field2Base, you can incorporate custom business rules using our forms workflow software to ensure forms are filled out correctly every time. You can even create PreFilled forms to distribute to your workforce that can be time-stamped so you know precisely where a person was when they submitted the form.