• Construction

Eliminate paper from jobsites and provide your workforce with the tools to succeed.

Field2Base has supported the construction industry since 2002 with customizable forms software that automates the flow of information between field personnel and back-office staff. Share and collaborate on accurate data in real time to quickly resolve issues on the site, estimate costs, track time and equipment, report accidents and incidents and make sure your employees get home safely.

Even employees who are resistant to new technology can use Field2Base with little to no training required. 

We’ll work with you to design your custom forms either from scratch or from your existing paper documents to capture critical data like photographs, videos, GPS coordinates and legally binding signatures. Completed forms can then be instantly shared with other field employees or back-office staff, even if they don’t work for the same company, to make your business more efficient and minimize delays.

Track your employees time and the equipment used on each job, report safety incidents the minute they occur, and send out daily safety topics to your entire team without printing a single sheet of paper.

Implement workflows for automated approval processes unique to each form in your arsenal with as many steps and variations as your form requires.

Create dropdowns from your own data
 sources to ensure every piece of data provided is accurate.

Never receive a form with missing data by making fields required or 
applying custom if/then requirements based on other responses.