• Retail

Retailers are embracing digital form technology.

The task of capturing consumer data and product information on paper is often slow and error-ridden. If you want to know where your goods are and have the ability to rapidly respond to a changing marketplace, you need access to accurate information. To gain real-time visibility into their business, today’s top retailers are eliminating paper forms and replacing those dated processes with mobile retail form solutions.

Facilitate deliveries and increase revenue like never before.



Revenue is at risk when your inventory data is incorrect.

Our digital form solution is a perfect fit for retail.

Field2Base's mobile retail solutions are ideal for in-store inspections, delivery logistics, inventory optimization and consumer safety updates. Our mobile form technology will transform your business over time to improve numerous internal processes. Additionally, dynamic action plans can be created using our forms workflow software so the right people are automatically notified to help resolve problems immediately.


Incorrect data can affect how you distribute products and manage inventories.

Field2Base provides retailers and businesses with the right mobile tools to streamline old-fashioned paper processes and improve overall operations.

  • Conduct real-time shelf audits
  • Collect in-store data instantly
  • Conduct preventive maintenance
  • Keep deliveries on time
  • Process shipments efficiently
  • Optimize inventory
  • Reduce theft/loss prevention
  • Conduct compliance updates