• Healthcare

The amount of paperwork that doctors must complete daily is out of control!

Medical professionals today are spending significant time processing medical documents. These could include traditional paper documents such as administration forms, government regulation documents and insurance forms. Eventually, this paperwork overload could lead to unsatisfied patients and potential premature burnout for many professionals in the medical field.

Most physicians only spend 27% of their time with their patients.


Spend less time on paperwork and more time with your patients.

Field2Base is dedicated to providing an electronic medical forms software solution to help alleviate this ever-growing problem. Our intuitive and secure platform for collecting and transmitting sensitive medical data is in strict accordance with all HIPAA guidelines. You can even convert government-mandated items, such as Medicare and Medicaid applications, into electronic medical forms to ensure overall accuracy and improve billing efficiency. Going paperless will also allow you to capture detailed patient data such as photographs, biometric data and CRF21 Part 11 compliant signatures.


Field2Base satisfies all requirements for the collection and transmission of Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI).

Our tailored solutions are ideal for all healthcare-related professions including, home healthcare, long-term care, equipment delivery and facility inspections by offering the following:

  • SAS70, SSAE16 certified data centers, and 256bit AES Encryption.
  • Multilayer authentication and encryption to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Unique and hardware identifiers assigned to users to segment, track and audit.
  • Locked form templates with complex business rules to ensure correct data.
  • Electronic storage of submitted data as CSV, ODBC, or OLEDB in PDF format.
  • Require user information to capture name of signee, dates/times of signatures, and description of authority for signees.