• Government

Eliminate your error-filled paper forms and govern with confidence.

Providing efficient government services to a vast and diverse public can be a daunting task. The widespread use of paper forms to manage these services only makes it worse. These traditional processes can create significant delays, exposing your agency to the possibilities of neglect, mistakes and fraud.

Replace illegible hand-written reports with online forms.



Our Mobile Forms allow government agencies to go paperless with ease.

Field2Base's intuitive online form software lets your workforce effortlessly connect to the people you’re serving in real time. As a result, you can now provide better service by ensuring all of the information you collect is accurate and immediately available. More importantly, you will begin to save taxpayers money by eliminating paper waste, reducing fuel consumption and eventually phasing out redundant processes.


Create forms compatible with your current operating system.

All Field2Base data is secured on the device of your choosing using the latest 256bit AES and 128bit SSL encryption. Our data is routed through our secure cloud which is independently certified for SAS70 and SSAE16 compliance. Regardless of connectivity, our software continues to work in a disconnected state so your mobile workforce can continue working. Once a reliable connection is discovered, your data will be delivered even if the users aren’t actively using the application.