Match your mobile form to your old, paper form. 

One of the main reasons why any software solution fails could be due to no one using it!  That might sound ridiculous, but it’s true. If your team members are comfortable with a form that they have been using for years, getting them to transition to a new, digital process can be an uphill battle. 

Field2Base offers the only mobile form software solution available today that can make your new digital forms look identical to your old HVAC inspection report forms. This will help increase adoption and acceptance by your entire team eventually resulting in a positive return on your investment.


Complete more service calls.

Customers are the backbone to any business and keeping your customer happy is critical to your short and long-term success. Accidents happen, equipment fails, and increasing customer expectations can create additional pressure for your HVAC field technicians.  Moreover, the need to service customers quickly and accurately is greater than ever. By digitizing and automating your internal and external workflow processes, you create a win/win situation for everyone involved.


Immediately Improve First-Time Fix Rates.

Every HVAC business understands the importance of improving their First-Time Fix Rates. Redundant fixes can tax your teams, reduce overall effectiveness, and decrease customer satisfactionover time. Our mobile field service software applications have helped both large and small HVAC companies combat inefficient processes and expedite on-site repair situations.

Field2Base HVAC inspection report form advantages include:

  • Ability to order parts instantly
  • Automated form workflows
  • Custom web service calls
  • Automate Dispatch Orders
  • Photo, Video and Signature captures
  • SQL-based Analytics
  • Full Offline capabilities
  • Custom rules via Javascript