• Integration

Mobile forms integration is a key element for both our Enterprise and Small Business customers.

Think about it — if your software will not interact with your current systems, is it really helping your business? The answer is NO! Traditionally, most business software systems cannot communicate with each another in order to share data. This creates islands, or silos, of information, which could lead to communication inefficiencies as well as potential internal delays.


Since 2014, our partnership with EverSource has allowed them to fully integrate their Salesforce platform to instantly update gas sales and service forms.

Enterprise Integration

The Field2Base Data Integration Module (DIM) gives our enterprise mobile forms customers the flexibility to map form data fields to and from their existing back-end systems using the following formats:

  • File Exports: CSV & PDF
  • API & Web Services Plug-ins

Our EDM (Enterprise Dispatch Module) will seamlessly populate your form fields from your existing back-end systems. Combined, these two powerful integration components will help reduce human input errors and streamline overall data collection.

  • Import Files: CSV
  • Custom: API Web Services
Smithfield Foods can automatically import inspections and visits into their back-end ERP platform with Field2Base.

Small Business Integration

Since 2002, our customer base has been small businesses.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with major corporations all over the world, but we never forgot where we came from. We got our start with small businesses and continue to deliver solutions that help ease some of the everyday challenges of running a small business.

Don’t have an IT department? We can help. Field2Base has a network of partners that can help you integrate Field2Base Mobile Forms with your business applications. Contact us today and we’ll transform your paper document into a mobile form at no charge!