All Aboard the Big Data Train

If you’ve ever spent time on the Internet searching for business solutions, there’s no doubt you’ve most likely come across the concept of “Big Data.” For most of you, I am sure this is one of the main reasons you clicked on this article. For the rest of you who are looking to learn more about this term, welcome! Where have you been?

What is big data?

Simply put, big data is exactly what it sounds like, massive amounts of data. With technology becoming an integral part of business processes, increasing amounts of data is being collected from customers. Facebook, for example, has about 2 billion active users, posting as many as 350,000,000 photos a day. Many small business owners can only dream of that much traffic!

Nonetheless, data is useful no matter how big or small it is. Buying habits, customer locations, and feature usages (to name a few) all provide vital information in relation to business practices and market research. And today, smart businesses are leveraging this user data to learn more about their customers, improve processes, and automate services.

Small business and big data.

Small businesses can jump on the “big data train” as early as yesterday. In this day in age, more data driven, digital workflow solutions are being brought to the market every year. With so many of these information gathering, system automation platforms in the market, there’s no excuse why small businesses cannot follow the same trend that the big boy businesses are doing today. Utilizing small data in big data fashion can translate to big business for a small business in 2018. See what I did there?

So how can I take advantage of my “not so big” data today? I’m glad you asked.

Keep your customers close and their data closer.

The more you understand your business and customers, the better your decisions and performance of your business practices will be. Knowing who your customers are and what products they tend to buy is one of the simplest ways small businesses can take advantage of big data trends. Buying habits of customers drives your marketing efforts, as well as the usefulness of your products and services.

By capturing and understanding this type of data, you can learn how your company is perceived in the public eye. Not to mention also discovering the types of people who use your services, which can lead to affecting how you will improve product(s) to better serve your market now and in the future. The potential is endless.

Nothing beats hard work, but data makes it easier.

Digital information can be extremely beneficial to businesses and their processes, such as eliminating the need to hire a data analyst. For example, let’s say you’re a contracting firm that oversees trucking and deliveries. Imagine being able to digitally capture all the data on every single truck delivery completed by your workforce. Now imagine all that data gathered and visualized in an analytics tool.

That’s exactly what we provide our customers with who utilize our form analytics software. We believe that big data, no matter the size, deserves to be captured and understood to determine the effectiveness of your business and processes.

Big data, little business.

Following the big data topic and trend is more than accessible for small business owners today. And it’s important, now more than ever, to begin capturing your own big data if your business has not already begun doing so. This can seem like a daunting task; however, partnering with a company like Field2Base can give you peace of mind with automated and custom analytics. Join the big data trend and gain the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

You can schedule a demo and learn more about Field2Base Analytics here.

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