Leveraging API Technology

Mobile forms can be so much more than “just forms” to your business. By embedding today’s API technology into your digital forms, you can transform your entire field and home office operations. APIs provide a way to integrate with web services and this is done in innumerable ways.


  • Think of a form as a web browser or even a mobile app where you can receive data from various sources, as well as submitting the data back to the senders. Let’s say a field service representative that is assigned work orders via this form has multiple stops scheduled for the day. The mobile form can integrate with Google Maps Distance Matrix API to calculate the best routes, with live traffic updates, to give your remote workforce the best available options to get to each stop. If a technician wants to grab a quick bite in between stops, the connected form can retrieve the nearest restaurant via Google Places API Web Service.


  • You can also connect your digital forms to a Weather API to pull the forecast of a destination at a specific time to be better prepared for a jobsite. Weather can also be noted as an indicator of the current conditions that may affect the job itself.

Internal Ticket Systems

  • Do you use a ticketing system? Embedded ticketing systems, such as ZendeskSalesForce, or FreshDesk can generate your form data dynamically based on the ticket information and submit changes or resolutions back to your system. Moreover, you can use APIs to pull latest reports within a form if a crew needs previous data prior to completing their inspections.


  • APIs also give you the ability to easily create a part/product list for a customer to choose from within a form and create an invoice for review and signature via QuickBooks Online API. Even more, if you are linked to a payment platform such as CardConnect, you can have your customer’s credit card payments processed instantly right on your form.

Data Integration

  • Forms can additionally serve as data collectors, which provide integration to your existing enterprise system solution to better utilize data. With APIs, your mobile form can submit data to SAP, Salesforce, Hubspot, WorkdayOffice 365, and other platforms. Once the submitted form data is available in your CRM or system, it can be quickly used to create metrics and potentially invoke additional workflows to upsell your customer base.

In conclusion, a mobile form is only as good as the functionality that it allows. With API technology connecting with mobile forms, not only are you digitalizing your form, but you are also transforming your form to become a part of your data process within the existing environment.

For the last 15 years, the experienced development team at Field2Base has created mobile forms integration platforms for small business and enterprise clients in multiple industries.

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