Remember when?

Remember when business communications revolved around the mailman? Sure you could pick up the phone and have an actual conversation with a colleague or prospect, but nothing was accomplished until it was captured “in writing”.

Whether it’s in person communication, snail mail or even via fax, paper was involved, and the process was very tedious. Processing reams and reams of paper was a requirement to make the wheels of commerce go around. It was just the norm and there was nothing you could do about it.

Fast forward to today…

Communications take place in an instant.  Whether it be via text, email, digital document signing or social media, the process of doing business is increasing at a rapid rate. Contracts are sent via email, reviewed, negotiated and executed digitally, saving time and money for everyone involved.

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Paper forms are going digital as well.  Utility inspectors, medical professionals, retailers, and field service technicians are joining the paperless movement by rapidly moving away from their antiquated paper-based processes.  Nationwide, advancements in mobile connectivity and tablet technology continue to expand at breakneck speed, only adding to the adoption of digital forms across multiple industries.

This is at the core of what we do everyday here at Field2Base.  For the last 15 years our mobile forms software solutions have been utilized by numerous Fortune 500 companies. Our customers have achieved positive operational cost savings, almost instantaneously, by integrating our digital forms software to their daily processes.  Work orders, inventory management, field service automation and general accounting and management tasks are now streamlined, saving them both time and money.

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