The Real Cost of Paper

In today’s economy, companies both large and small are always searching for new ways to reduce expenses, eliminate excess, and increase efficiencies across processes. Furthermore, today’s advanced technologies have allotted these businesses multiple options to achieve these challenging

benchmarks. As a result, digital documents, email communication, and cloud storage has become more accessible and secure for even the smallest organizations.

This begs the question – why are so many of us STILL pushing paper around?

When looking at the enormous cost of paper and the potential savings of eliminating paper from your business, you quickly realize that it’s a no brainer to #GoPaperless.

These eye-opening stats about paper that may surprise you:

  • 4,000,000,000 trees are cut down each year for paper use.
  • $120,000,000 is spent annually by U.S. companies just on printed forms.
  • Over 40% of wood harvested goes to paper production.
  • 45% of printed office paper ends up in the trash by the end of day.
  • 400% increase in paper use today compared to 40 years ago.

The answer to this paper epidemic is simple – eliminate it all and Go Paperless! This is where field service automation platforms can assist your company in the paperless transition and help to enhance your business’ revenue and eventually improve your overall bottom line.

Going paperless within your business can save time and money, as well as simplify your operations. Utilizing the Field2Base paperless platform, our clients have seen results such as:

  • $14,000/year reduction in paper and printing costs.
  • 32 steps eliminated from conversion of paper work order into invoice.
  • 96% decrease in time to billing after service completion.
  • $10,000,000 in new business growth, without adding administrative headcount.
  • 89% reduction in clerical errors on medical claims.

Take some time out of your day to truly analyze how much you’re spending on printer leases, ink, paper reams, postage, recycling, and even storage. The realities may shock you! Choosing to go paperless can lead your business down a road of limitless savings and efficiency gains that everyone in your company can appreciate.

Ready to #GoPaperless?

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*Source: Environmental Paper Network, World Resource Institute, Forest Ethics, WorldWatch Institute. Date research was conducted: October 29, 2016

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