Form Analytics: The Key to Successful Field Service Automation

The idea that data analytics plays a vital role to a business’ success in 2018 is an understatement to say the least. Take the following scenario for example:

  • A telecommunications company launches a new smartphone that ends up not being as profitable as projected, eventually resulting in a loss of revenue. Zero market or product research analysis was completed before or after the product launch. How would the telecommunications company determine the flaws in their launch to improve for the next time?

This type of scenario is exactly where data analytics come into play. It would be extremely helpful to the telecommunications company’s research team if they were able to get the details about who purchased the smartphone and why they bought it. Using the sales data captured, analytics would allow the company to break down data and find those answers.

Whether it’s making decisions on the next ground-breaking smartphone or troubleshooting customer issues in the field, data analytics is key to achieving and sustaining success. In the field service industry specifically, it’s imperative for companies to track their employees, installations, and customer issues through a paper-free mobile form solution.

But why?

Without data analytics in your solution, you only see half the picture of what’s really occurring in the field. Switching to a mobile field service software solution will not only save time and money, but it will also give you the insight to make confident decisions and create smart business strategies by tracking data generating by mobile forms.

Field2Base offers online built-in reporting that tracks metadata about what happened with sent forms. Analytics is a step beyond this and takes actual form data and presents online visual reports that can be dynamically filtered and searched.  The online visual reports are completely customizable, and our standard templates range from bar graphs to pivot tables. As a matter of fact, there has not been a visual report requested by a Field2Base customer we weren’t able to deliver!

Why should I care about analytics?

Think of submitted form data as an orange (yes, the fruit!). With the built-in metadata described above, the peel/outside of the orange will reveal details about objective properties like size and color. These characteristics are analogous to data such as who submitted the form and when the form was sent.

Next, you have the flesh/inside of the “orange” which tells you about subjective properties like flavor and juiciness. With Field2Base Form Analytics, these characteristics are equivalent to subjective information such as:

  • Generating customer satisfaction ratings based on totals within a single sent form OR
  • Determining the number of employees needing additional training based on form results across multiple sent forms

At Field2Base, we recognize there’s great value in seeing and accessing the entire “orange” in real-time to assess and effectively improve your business processes. All Analytics reports are created through our Professional Services Team and we have templates ready to be deployed at any moment.

Vist this page to learn more about form analytics or you can request a demo to see it LIVE!

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